Blessing of the Fleet

Blessing of the Fleet and Roads
Pioneer Park, Walpole 22/12/2012

Why a blessing of the fleet and roads?

Walpole had its first Blessing of the (Emergency Services) Fleet in December 2011.

It provides an opportunity for the community to acknowledge the dedication, skill, generosity and courage in undertaking work, paid and unpaid, that serves our community. We express our thanks for the work done by the many agencies represented that protects us, rescues us, and brings comfort as individuals and as a community that lives in a beautiful but remote and vulnerable part of the world. We will also pause to remember and respect those that have died or been injured through providing emergency services. This year there will also be a Blessing of the Roads. This is a ceremony suggested by RoadWise to celebrate our roads, give thanks for those that care for them and those that use them (including in times of an emergency) and to remember the shared responsibility we all have in there use.

The Blessing of the Fleet and Roads is at Pioneer Park on Saturday 22 December commencing at 10:30. Emergency Service vehicles will be available to look at from 09:30.

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Bishop and Sue Bishop's
8-9 September



The Bishop of Bunbury Rt Revd Allan Ewing and Mrs Trish Ewing were enthusiastically welcomed to the parish at St George's Walpole on Saturday 8 September and at St Leonard's Denmark on Sunday 9 September.

The Bishop formally heard Betty Hay make her vows as a Tertiary of the Order of St Francis. Tap here for pew news.

Tap here to go to the Third Order, Society of St Francis, Australia.

Listen to Bishop Allan's sermon ("Throw it to the dogs") preached at St Leonard's by tapping here: Download mp3 file (large file: 13.5 MB, 19 minutes).


Denmark Primary School Class visits St Leonard's for living history activity.

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Lotterwest logoSt Leonard's Cultural Heritage Funding: $61,471

$54,699 has been allocated for conservation works to St Leonard's church building including:

  • Roof to prevent further water ingress.
  • Windows to prevent further water ingress.
  • Restumping.

$6,802 has also been provided for:

  • A professional heritage practitioner to oversee work at St Leonard's.


Revd Sue Lodge-Calvert appointed Parish Priest

The Revd Sue Lodge-Calvert has been appointed  Parish Priest for Denmark-Walpole.  Sue received a great welcome at a service in St Leonard's on 25th July 2010 when she was commissioned by the new Bishop of Bunbury (see article in Denmark Bulletin 26/08/2010)

Revd Sue Lodge-CalvertSue was born and spent her early childhood in the wheatbelt town of Koorda. Due to severe droughts in the 60's the family moved to Perth where Sue spent her teen years. During this time Sue joined the Midland Methodist youth group and came to give her life to the Lord on a camp in Bunbury. And its been an exciting, sometimes bumpy, journey ever since.


Sue came into the Anglican Church in the early 1980's where her three children were born and raised in the Christian community. These three children are now grown young adults. Katherine is married and lives in Washington state, USA and Sue will visit her in June before she moves down to Denmark. Samantha lives in Fremantle and works in the travel industry. And Claude Thomas has just started work as a Renewable Energy Engineer.


Sue was a social worker for 25 years and was very surprised to learn that God wanted her to be a priest as she thought she already had a life time vocation. As Sue has grown into this calling she can no longer imagine being anything other than a priest.


August was the fifth anniversary of her ordination. Sue loves the great outdoors and is delighted to be joining us here in Denmark and Walpole to enjoy God's good creation and the community that calls this place home.


Sue's appointment is part time — generally she will have Thursday and Friday off and work Monday - Wednesday and Saturday and Sunday mornings.


Parish Priest:
Revd Sue Lodge-Calvert
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